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Minecraft: how to find the Ender Portal and Dragon

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 2:10 AM

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How to find the Ender World screenshot  tutourial by me, I hope this will help people :) . this is to defeat the ender dragon and find the portal to him :)

Click on the links if you arent sure what to do or what it looks like

First you can ONLY DO THIS on the latest minecraft 1.0.0
firstly you kill these guys call Endermen MC: Shadow Man Stares At You by CrystaltheEchidna be carefull cause if u attack them they will teleport near by or in worse cases out of the area, 1/20 chance they will drop an item called an Ender Pearl looks like this --> (when you have atleast 20 of them) you conbine a by-product of the blaze rod ( example shown here ) it will make two blaze powders as shown here then combine the powder with the Ender pearl to make a Ender Eye( shown here ).

Then walk (if on creative fly  ) hold the Ender eye, then press right click when aimed in the air it will hover for a bit  in the air and fall to the ground (some people have mistakened that the Ender portal was where the Ender Eye falls the first but keep reading).

Keep right clicking the Ender eye into the air as you walk it will show you the direction where the portal is located.....If you go in the wrong position it will pop up in the correct direction of the portal, ONCE you have gone in many positions and the Ender Eye keeps floating in the same place everytime you throw it the portal is underneath. How ever, the portal is probally 15-25 blocks deep (so dig slowly) so yeah if u dont find it but the Eye keeps falling in the same place try digging 2-4 near by (or dig a whole hill out)

If you found the portal it should look something like this (    ). however you cant harvest the squares to make your own portals.And if u havent used/lost your 20 Ender Eyes you will be needing them to place on top of them squares.
IF YOU ARE PLAYING SURIVIVAL MODE AND NOT ON PEACE FULL BE AWARE OF SILVERFISH THEY WILL HURT AND KILL YOU they look like this ( )  if you are that worried destory the spawner..

Now if u have placed the Ender Eyes correctly you should have something like this (  ) then save the game and jump in the black goo!

After the loading screen you will end up in the Enderworld, where all Endermen live and the fearsome Ender dragon lives (  )  . you have to kill the dragon by using your weopons (  )  but at last, he heals himself using this (  )   if you are on creative of course you can fly up and kill it...... there are like 30 of them!

Of course this (   ) happens to him when he dies when his health bar is gone..... (  ) is  the portal home spawns underneath  whrere ever he dies so yeah :/ How ever if u do not want to VS him again destroy the egg (im not sure if it actually spawns another dragon when u go back). So yeah jump in the portal and you awake from your bed to skip the talking press ESC.....its a stuipd thing they added >.<

When you defeat the dragon you technically beat the game, thus you will return to your world to contuine creating stuff!

if anyone has any questions be sure to ask :)

i own minecraft and i did this on creative mode, but i do not however own the company who made it.

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PaintahXX Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
Amazing, I did it on creative. Luckily my gigantic creeper containment unit (Made of bedrock) was there when I spawned back again. I loved fighting him, but it took me a while to realise the towers were healing him. Thanks alot for the help!
CrystaltheEchidna Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
no problem be sure to watch for more :)
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January 17, 2012